Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sleeping Cutie

When i last wrote (exactly one month ago?!) we had relented to placing Kaleb in the bed with us. After many suggestions (from the hubby to family to reading material), i decided to get it together and nip that nasty-habit-to-be in the bud before it was too late. I must confess that it was just as cozy for me as it was for him, letting him sleep on my chest after he ate until we both fell asleep...and OHHHH how my little cuddle bug LOVES to cuddle! But we can cuddle during the day; sleep is all too important, as i'm learning more and more. The remedy: slowly placing him in the bassinet when he fell asleep (yes, in my arms!), next placing him in his bassinet when he is still awake but very drowsy--temporary crying and all--then gradually increasing bassinet time during the night to where he sleeps in his bassinet ALLLLL night...HALLELUJAH! And last night i got the treat of all treats...Kaleb slept a FULL 8 HOURS without waking up!!!!! My little man is growing up way too fast (tear!)

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