Sunday, November 21, 2010

SEVEN Months Old Today!

It is truly fact what they say: time flies & before you know it they're no longer a baby. Our little love bug turned seven months old today and I can't even begin to tell you where the time has gone. We celebrated by going to the park & having him take his very first swing ride all by himself...he's such a big boy now! I fully meant to record this milestone event (giggles and two front teeth peering through and all)...until, as life would have it, the camera's batteries conveniently went dead just as we got there :-/ So, I'll try again tomorrow to catch this oh-so-adorable event and post a few summer pics until then...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Food FOod FOOd FOOD!

Kaleb's been enjoying REAL (sort of) food since his 6 month birthday and eats EVERY LAST DROP every time! Here are a few videos of our adventures in feeding time...

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The little sugar dumpling is SIX MONTHS OLD today!!!! Look how far he's come since DAY ONE...

From THAT to THIS in only 6 months...where did the time go?!?!?!

P.S.- I'm taking votes on which one(s) you like best!

#1 (lol!)














Wednesday, October 20, 2010

He's Growing Up So Fast!

I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I last wrote about my little honey bun. I feel like the days are speeding by and so is he! He moves more and more and does something new just about every day....I can't keep up! So basically, I'll do a little run-through of what's been going on the past couple weeks...

10/17/10: Kaleb's FIRST little tooth started coming in! ...and mommy's nipples haven't been the same since! lol

10/14/10: We went to Atlanta for the first time since Kaleb's been born and he got to meet someone who's been dying to see him since he's been born--Auntie Dennette! As my mom's twin sister & someone who used to breast feed me herself, Auntie is Mommy #2 and I can't tell you how good it felt to finally introduce her to my little man. I couldn't keep her away from him! They played and sang & he even got a crawling lesson in there too. There is no substitute for family and I truly believe that in due time he will meet everyone else who I hold dear in my heart yet haven't connected with lately.

10/9/10: Not even 6 months old and he's already reading the paper. What can I say...I guess all that in-utero Mozart worked like a charm! (Btw, there's really not much sound except for a few background phrases from me and it's a long 10-minute video but if you're craving some Kaleb cuddle time it's definitely worth it...just move up real close to the screen and I promise you can almost smell his sweet little breaths!)

10/2/10: One of the greatest joys about having Kaleb is watching Travis with our son. I never get tired of watching them play and interact with each other. So on this particular Saturday morning as I played with Kaleb in bed and he opened his mouth and CLEARLY yelled out "DAAAAAAAAD!" as Travis halfway slept I wasn't even jealous that his first real word was not about me. Trav whipped his head around, smiling ear to ear, and beamed "Yes..." as Kaleb knowingly giggled back and reached out for him. My heart melts for moments like these...

9/26/10: Now, this may come as a surprise to those of you who know us know us, but we finally took Kaleb to church. It was a Catholic Church and it's about a 10 minute stroll down the street we live on so we decided to give it a try. I have to say that for all my continuous gripes about church, it was extremely enlightening and refreshing to go. The priest got me thinking (again) when, after meeting Kaleb following the service, he remarked as he looked at him, "Oh, peaceful soul...". I thought the whole way home about just how peaceful and perfect this little soul really is. No, we're not the most religious people in the world, but there's something about bringing a new life into the world that brings to mind the pure genius--if nothing else--in the creation of body and soul together as one. Of course Trav and I had something to do with this creation but there is without a doubt a much grander design behind it all.
FYI, we didn't burn up that time so we've been attending (sporadically) since then...

9/23/10: The FIRST day of Kaleb's FIRST Fall! We took our (semi-) daily stroll around the neighborhood and took in the sights. He was in his usual "un-phased" mood lol.

9/16/10: Mommy turned a FABULOUS 27 YEARS OLD! Kaleb decided to take me out for a day at the museum while Daddy was at work. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect date. Later on my guys took me out to dinner where Kaleb continued to be a perfect gentleman...

9/7/10: Of course Kaleb gets sicker during the long Labor Day weekend and we didn't get in to the doctor's until Tuesday morning (and after the previous post where I boasted about my maternal capabilities, I fell apart watching him sniffle, sneeze and ultimately gag & vomit all the mucus--and milk--he was swallowing). The verdict: COLD is on it's way out the door; ear infection has set in. The remedy: the pink stuff, a.k.a. amoxicillin. According to my mom, "They should hand you a bottle of it when you leave the hospital with the new born baby!" AMEN! Kaleb wasn't too thrilled about the taste, preferring to projectile spit it whenever possible, but 10 days later the ear infection was FINITO ;-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MUCH Better

Kaleb hit a milestone yesterday, but not one that I was excited about in the least...HE GOT SICK! I wouldn't call it a full-blown cold but it hit like one just the same. It started out as a few sneezes here and there in the late morning, escalating to a full-blown sneeze attack within a few hours. Maybe it was that tissue I used to dig out one of his buggies that ended up having remnants of my chilli on it...or the chill from the A/C? While on the phone with my mom I mentioned his increasing sneezes. Her advice? Call the doctor. I was thinking (but dare not say to her directly) that maybe that was a little bit much but I did it anyways. I got the after-hours voicemail and hung up before the recording finished. "He'll be ok," i thought. "I'll just watch him and see what develops." But a continued convo with my mom brought alternate advice: "What did they say when you called? ...Call back and speak with the after hours nurse. I don't mean to alarm you [and just by saying this I am alarming you even more], but you need to see what the doctor says about his sneezing." So I called...and sure enough, just about as soon as I hung up the phone with the nurse it was like the exact symptoms she told me to watch for had rushed from her mouth to his little helpless body: increasing crankiness (while rubbing his nose and eyes) & mucus, sleeplessness, whining, & elevated temperature. Trav came home just in time to tell me the final words of the day to send me over the edge of panic: "Awww...look at him [nuzzling on your chest]! From now until he gets married he'll always come to his mommy when he's sick." AHHHHH...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Just the thought of the next 20-30 years of caring for my sick baby almost sent me into a fit of hyperventilation! I could barely take watching his little head move back and forth as his clinched fist rubbed his droopy eyes and runny nose. And just as I was mentally preparing myself for the night ahead I now had visions of sleepless panicky nights from here to eternity! Lord Jesus!

Needless to say, everything turned out all right. Kaleb fell asleep quite easily after a long feeding and only woke up when hungry. I was on-call with squeegie, saline solution and acetaminophen on hand with any little peep I heard coming from his crib. But nothing has ever come as naturally to me as getting up to care for my little man. Maybe that bout of panic earlier spiked a surge of adrenaline in me or something because I was less tired waking up every hour or so to check on him and squeegie his nose or do otherwise to make him more comfortable than I have been in months. Dare I say I was even perky when popping out of bed then strolling, sick baby in hand, around a dark apartment? Whatever the case, by about 7am BooBoo was back to being BooBoo: cheery, smiling, laughing and talking once again (albeit with a little mucus action every once in a while but happy all the same)! PHEW! One down, 3,487,371,6523,495 to go...bring it on...I'M READY! I think... :-/?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Is He Teething ALREADY?!?!

Kaleb's not even four months old yet but i think he may be entering the teething phase already! He NEVER used to drool--at all--but now he drools regularly, sucks on his hand and arm, hasn't had as big of an appetite for the past couple of days, has been EXTRA cranky lately and especially cranky alllllllll day today, and finally, his mouth looks like this... What do you think and more importantly, WHAT DO I DOOOOO???

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Boo Boo

It's been a while since i just did a little montage of the latest pics of my little boo (as "Mama Y" so affectionately calls him) so here it is...

Speaking of Mama Y...she wanted to make sure that her Little Boo has the BEST of the BEST! So when it came to choosing a crib, she and Papa D got him a 100% organic, eco-friendly, non-chemical, etc. etc. CRIB. Everything in it, from the sheets to the mattress to the COILS in the mattress follow suit...and he absolutely LOVES it!

It's taken a while for Kaleb to get used to his Daddy's big muscular slightly harsher handling but he loves him all the same...just not as much as his mommy ;-)

LOOK AT THIS FACE!!! What more can i say?!?! Kisses all day long...

Getting chunkier and chunkier by the day.

He sleeps like a little angel...or a little lamb when he's in his swing!

Flying through the air it's...SUPER BABYYYYY!!!

Kaleb and I took a much needed trip to DC in June. He met tons of family, most of whom for the first time. And we even celebrated Trav's first Father's Day when he came up for the weekend. When Auntie Chelsey and I missed our plane back to Charlotte, we decided to take advantage of the extra time and relax at the neighbors' pool...AHHHH!!!!

Post bath in his Winnie the Pooh towel...pure cuteness!

He LOVES bath time!

Awww...look at my guys snuggling!

He's not too fond of his car seat so he thinks by shooting me this little face he's going to be taken out every time. Hmmm...

"i guess she's not buying it!"

LOL! Trav woke him up and this is what he got.

My poor baby got his immunizations and was cranky the whole rest of the day. Broke my heart!

My chunky-cheeked little muffin loves his new hat!

Close up!

I was changing his diaper, he sprayed me, and this is the look i got lol.

His head shape has definitely smoothed out since birth!

Who're you yelling at, little man?!?!


We like to rub our little feetsies together.

Smiley baby!

Sometimes a close-up is a little too close.

NEKKY Baby!!!!

We LOOOOVE to snuggle. And u know what they say, we're around each other so much i guess we start to act the same. I LOVE YOU BOOGABOO!!!!!!