Friday, August 6, 2010

Is He Teething ALREADY?!?!

Kaleb's not even four months old yet but i think he may be entering the teething phase already! He NEVER used to drool--at all--but now he drools regularly, sucks on his hand and arm, hasn't had as big of an appetite for the past couple of days, has been EXTRA cranky lately and especially cranky alllllllll day today, and finally, his mouth looks like this... What do you think and more importantly, WHAT DO I DOOOOO???


  1. I used to freeze a wash cloth for Dylan and that would help him some. He hated teething rings so I had to get creative. I've also heard about frozen carrot sticks as well. This process takes months, so get ready to buckle down and cry right along with him. :P

  2. YES, Kaleb hates the teething rings, they're too big or hard for his mouth. I will definitely try the wash cloth trick TODAY. Thanks Virgen!!!

    P.S.- hope u all r staying cool down there in South Cakky Lakky ;-)