Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MUCH Better

Kaleb hit a milestone yesterday, but not one that I was excited about in the least...HE GOT SICK! I wouldn't call it a full-blown cold but it hit like one just the same. It started out as a few sneezes here and there in the late morning, escalating to a full-blown sneeze attack within a few hours. Maybe it was that tissue I used to dig out one of his buggies that ended up having remnants of my chilli on it...or the chill from the A/C? While on the phone with my mom I mentioned his increasing sneezes. Her advice? Call the doctor. I was thinking (but dare not say to her directly) that maybe that was a little bit much but I did it anyways. I got the after-hours voicemail and hung up before the recording finished. "He'll be ok," i thought. "I'll just watch him and see what develops." But a continued convo with my mom brought alternate advice: "What did they say when you called? ...Call back and speak with the after hours nurse. I don't mean to alarm you [and just by saying this I am alarming you even more], but you need to see what the doctor says about his sneezing." So I called...and sure enough, just about as soon as I hung up the phone with the nurse it was like the exact symptoms she told me to watch for had rushed from her mouth to his little helpless body: increasing crankiness (while rubbing his nose and eyes) & mucus, sleeplessness, whining, & elevated temperature. Trav came home just in time to tell me the final words of the day to send me over the edge of panic: "Awww...look at him [nuzzling on your chest]! From now until he gets married he'll always come to his mommy when he's sick." AHHHHH...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Just the thought of the next 20-30 years of caring for my sick baby almost sent me into a fit of hyperventilation! I could barely take watching his little head move back and forth as his clinched fist rubbed his droopy eyes and runny nose. And just as I was mentally preparing myself for the night ahead I now had visions of sleepless panicky nights from here to eternity! Lord Jesus!

Needless to say, everything turned out all right. Kaleb fell asleep quite easily after a long feeding and only woke up when hungry. I was on-call with squeegie, saline solution and acetaminophen on hand with any little peep I heard coming from his crib. But nothing has ever come as naturally to me as getting up to care for my little man. Maybe that bout of panic earlier spiked a surge of adrenaline in me or something because I was less tired waking up every hour or so to check on him and squeegie his nose or do otherwise to make him more comfortable than I have been in months. Dare I say I was even perky when popping out of bed then strolling, sick baby in hand, around a dark apartment? Whatever the case, by about 7am BooBoo was back to being BooBoo: cheery, smiling, laughing and talking once again (albeit with a little mucus action every once in a while but happy all the same)! PHEW! One down, 3,487,371,6523,495 to go...bring it on...I'M READY! I think... :-/?

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