Friday, May 21, 2010

The Breast is the BEST!

I apologize to anyone offended or turned off by this post, BUT.........I am absolutely AMAZED at the functions of a lactating breast! I always thought going into this breast feeding endeavor that you just put the mouth up there and get to it, but OHHH was i wrong! From the lactation consultant at the hospital to the one on the phone who i called yesterday out of concerns that my supply was getting low, they have offered me a world of information about something seemingly so simple. Interesting factoid #1,453,986: After about three weeks of lactation, the breast (like a computer) automatically starts making only the exact amount of milk that the baby needs; only when it is emptied completely over a 24-48 hour period does it start to increase its supply, allowing it to continue to meet the needs of the infant. WOW! Drink up, Kaleb!
...or am i just at that point in mommy-dom where poopy diapers & leaky breasts are the most interesting part of my day??????


  1. What is really amazing is how corporations have convinced so many American women not to breast feed.

  2. I think Mother Nature is amazing.....and anyone offended by your post shouldn't be reading it....