Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Four Weeks Ago Today...

...i was in the hospital bed, hooked up to a myriad of machines, IV poking my wrist, monitors beeping, laughing at Trav walking around filming EVERYTHING (including the nurse: "this better not be on facebook tomorrrow," as she continued to shave me!)...ready to go??? "AHHHHH...breathe," i told myself. This was it, no turning back now. In less than an hour there would be three of us, no longer the two we had become so accustomed to. We took a minute to remind ourselves of this, stared at each other as we said it, hoping maybe to evoke some kind of tumultuous emotion, but it wasn't there. It was time to turn the page on one chapter and welcome another. But, OHHHH, what a chapter was it going to be! A child...OUR a few minutes?! WHAT?!?! I kept thinking i should be more nervous, anxious, TERRIFIED than what ensued instead, which was a quiet calmness spreading over me. In truth i was more nervous about the anesthesia i was about to receive BETWEEN THE VERTEBRAE IN MY BACK than anything else. But there wasn't even much time to worry about that. Time flew by, even that CP time we spent waiting for the MARVELOUS Dr. Nicholson to come and get the whole show started. Then i was off to the O.R. and the rest is history!
Dr. N tugged a 4 pound 12 ounce Kaleb Cruz Taimane (tie-MAH-nay) Washington out of me at 1:32pm yelling and screaming and life, as they say it, has never been the same since! Yes, i'm biased but, no, i have never seen anything so perfect in all my life. He IS cuter than any baby you or I have ever come across and that is pure fact (right, Kaleb!). And i know this to be true because my mother, his grandmother, told me so (which, by the way, proves another fact that i have been avoiding all these years: MOTHER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!). Mother also suggested that i start some kind of online medium to display all this cuteness as it unfolds, especially for all those friends and family members who aren't here on a daily basis to witness it. I hesitated for a while (no need to exploit the child before he can even talk!), but relented, if only to share a mere glimpse into the pure innocent sweetness that our little boy blesses us with every day. LEAVE COMMENTS. ENJOY. LET KALEB BE A REMINDER THAT EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY IS SO PRECIOUS IN THIS MIRACULOUS JOURNEY CALLED LIFE.

Love & Kisses,
Chrissy D. W., a.k.a. The Proudest Mommy Ever


  1. eeeeeeeeeeee! can't even wait to meet him :D ♥

  2. Look at that face....he's like "uhmmm, is the camera ready..."